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Part-Time Continuing Education Programs at Dean College in Franklin, MA

Night, Weekend & Online Classes for Busy Adults & Working Professionals.

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree, Associate Degree, or Certificate from Dean College’s School of Continuing Studies.

Welcome to Dean College's School of Continuing Studies! You're only a few steps away from getting back into the classroom — and by the way, not only are you not alone, you’re actually the majority.

Think you know the typical college student? Think again. The landscape of higher education has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. Now “nontraditional” students (age 25 and older) officially outnumber “traditional” ones.

There are more reasons than ever to go back to school:

  • Sharpen your skill set
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Prepare for a career change
  • Discover new career interests
  • Advance your current job
  • Realize your true potential
  • Stay competitive in a tough job market.


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Step 1: Tell Us a Little About Yourself  

The difference is flexibility

The School of Continuing Studies offers different degrees and majors in a variety of course delivery formats to fit your busy schedule. New courses start continuously, not just in September and January.

100% online


Provides students with a depth and breadth of understanding accounting theory, practice and procedures. Exposure to a variety of employment opportunities, both entry level and beyond, in both private and public settings.


In the Bachelor's Degree in Business program, every student receives a broad foundation in marketing, accounting, finance, management, technology and consulting. Why specialize in just one area? At Dean, we believe broad is best—for a well-rounded, multifaceted education and to prepare for a range of jobs and careers (some of which have yet to be invented!). We take a holistic approach to business education, incorporating case studies and authentic, real-world learning throughout our curriculum. We keep up with trends and use cutting-edge technology to stay up to speed in the business world. If you'd like, you may choose to specialize in one of the following areas of study: Accounting, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurialism and Small Business Management, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Sport Management.


The Criminal Justice associate degree program at Dean College provides a hands-on foundation of knowledge in the causes, consequences and responses to crime. Focusing on the roles and responsibilities of the agencies at the heart of the criminal justice system, the program offers a balance of academic study and career exploration.


Learn the cutting-edge skills you need to become a “first responder” in the battle against criminal activity on the internet! Cybersecurity courses introduce students to the foundations of cybersecurity theory and practice, and its application across multiple industries. Incident response and coordination of how to effectively assess different types of organizational risks are examined. Ethical and legal issues, as well as best practices in implementing cybersecurity practices, are examined.


Ready to take your first steps? Launch your career as a childcare provider or teacher with an Early Childhood Education (ECE) degree or certificate from Dean College. Whether you plan on becoming a daycare provider or an educator, or pursuing further education, a degree or certificate from Dean College will give you a solid foundation for growth. Dean offers concentrations in Infant/Toddler as well as Administration of Early Childhood Education.

EMT & Paramedic Training Programs

Dean College in partnership with Emergency Medical Teaching Services, Inc. is pleased to offer an entry level pathway to becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) through the EMT training program, as well as a pathway for EMT's to become certified Paramedics through the Paramedic Training Program.

Entrepreneurialism and Small Business Management

The Entrepreneurialism and Small Business Management program provides students with the knowledge base and practical skills required to develop or manage an existing small business, home-based business or franchise. Courses include an overview of business plan development, marketing, management and accounting practices, as applicable to the small business environment.


In this self-designed program, students create individualized plans of instruction with courses from different academic disciplines. At Dean, we recognize there is no one way to a great education, so we offer three as part of this program: 1) a Liberal Arts option for students eager to explore a variety of fields; 2) a Focused Major for those who want to concentration one discipline without committing to a major; and 3) an Education Teaching option for future teachers. Whatever option you choose, you’ll meet the general education requirements at most four-year schools.


Choose your concentration: General Health Sciences, or Pre-Nursing. With this degree, you will also be ready to transfer into a four-year program in nursing, exercise physiology, health science, health education, medical laboratory science, respiratory therapy or nutrition. Today’s healthcare system is robust and growing. As hospitals, clinics and other facilities expand, so does the demand for skilled professionals.


Are you a “people person” eager to learn how to help businesses and other organizations recruit, reward and retain great employees? If your answer is yes, check out Dean College’s Human Resources programs. The programs in HR Management provide students with an understanding of human resource policy and principles, terminology, issues and trends, and explores employment opportunities in domestic and global environments. Choose from a certificate program or a Bachelor's degree.


What kind of skills do you learn as a liberal arts student? Exactly the same skills that employers say they want most in new hires: the ability to communicate clearly, solve complex problems and work well in small groups with different types of people. The bar is being raised for adults in the workplace to meet changing skills and competencies. The ability to integrate multiple sources of knowledge to make complex decisions in an ever-changing world is the latest hot commodity.


Choose the Management track for your Bachelor's in Business degree program, which provides students with the opportunity to learn business and financial concepts and apply various methods and practices for decision making. You'll cover principles and ethics of managing individual and group dynamics in an organization. The degree program provides an understanding of the functions of planning, organizing, staffing and leading an organization within domestic and global environments.


Choose the Management track for your Bachelor's in Business degree program, and you'll be introduced to the foundations of traditional advertising and marketing. The course aims to expose students to consumer behavior theory and the data companies utilize to develop marketing strategy. Digital practices are also covered to ensure students are provided with skills to be competitive in today’s labor market.


What makes human beings tick? Myriad factors—psychological, biological, environmental and cultural—influence human behavior. Psychology is the science that brings them together and connects the dots. At Dean, you’ll take courses in a wide range of topics, from child psychology to the aging process, from psychological disorders to counseling techniques. Our interdisciplinary approach is designed to give students a broad view of the world and a focused psychology curriculum.


Introduces students to the world of business and sport and develop organizational, study and critical thinking skills that will remain useful for life. Additional components of the Sport Management program are a foundation in liberal arts-based courses in English, history and social sciences. Today’s sport management graduates enjoy rewarding careers as health club managers, sports retailers, entrepreneurs, team managers and more.



The difference is affordability.

Our competitive value is unmatched.
Though our degree and course selections have grown over the years, our tuition rates have remained as low as possible. In fact, at $365 per credit, we’re considered the best value around.

Our part-time students are eligible for aid.
Once you’ve been admitted to an SCS degree program (bachelor’s or associate) and enroll at least half time (taking 6 credits per semester), you can apply for aid. You could be eligible for Federal Stafford Loans or Federal Pell Grant funds.

The difference is return on investment.

A bachelor’s degree has never been more valuable.

The pay gap is real. A decade ago, Americans with four-year college degrees made 85 percent more per hour on average than those without them. Two years ago, that figure spiked to 98 percent more.

An associate degree makes a big difference.

Applicants with a two-year degree have a competitive edge in the job market over those without a college degree. Studies show that Americans with an associate degree make an average of $250,000–$400,000 more than high school graduates over a lifetime.

The difference is flexibility.

Blended/Accelerated Learning

Courses are typically seven weeks long and composed of standard intervals of in-class activities and online interactions.

Full Semester (On-Campus)
Courses are 14 weeks in length and meet in class weekly face-to-face for three hours with limited to no expectation of online activities.

Online Classes:
Online courses may be any length and are delivered entirely through web-based asynchronous interaction, including discussion boards, videos and live chats. Learning outcomes match those of on-campus courses, though there is no required face-to-face component.

Dean College in Franklin, MA is conveniently located close to Route 495, Route 95 & Route 1, as well the Dean College MBTA station.

All continuing education programs are not created equal.

Before you spend money on a degree program or certification, make sure the institution is a well-established and respected one—like Dean College, founded in 1865. For over 150 years, Dean has stood for academic excellence, professional development and lifelong learning.

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Complete a degree or certificate program on your own terms. No matter where you are on your educational journey, we will meet you there!

From accounting and marketing to education and health sciences, our certificate, associate and bachelor’s degree programs will teach you new skills and up your earning power. Our faculty combine teaching expertise with deep professional experience in their field. You’ll learn the latest methods and trends and get a firsthand look at your chosen profession.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dean offer financial aid?

Once you’ve been admitted to an SCS degree program (bachelor’s or associate) and enroll at least half time (taking 6 credits per semester), you can apply for aid. You could be eligible for Federal Stafford Loans or Federal Pell Grant funds.

Do I need to declare a program of study?

Students can choose to take courses as non-degree seeking students and register only for the course(s) they are interested in.

Do you offer any non-credit classes?

Dean College also offers non-credit classes via Ed2Go to target specific skills and interests.

Click here to explore.

Do my old class credits still count?

Quite possibly! A continuing studies advisor can offer quick and easy transfer credit evaluation of any previously earned college-level credits.

I have not been in school for a long time. Will I be comfortable and succeed?

We think so. Small classes, led by Dean professors who are also professionals in their fields, are dynamic, discussion-based and of the highest quality. Focusing on the unique professional, economic and educational needs of lifelong learners, the SCS curriculum stresses both broad-based knowledge and leading-edge skills.

Does Dean offer any support services or an advisor?

Yes! Every student has an academic advisor from start to finish who can help build an education plan. We want you to succeed – that’s why we provide an academic advisor and a solid support system for every adult student.

Do I have access to any Dean College resources?

You bet – when you enroll in a part-time program in the School of Continuing Studies (SCS), you’ll gain access to the same campus resources and technology open to full-time Dean students, along with access to events such as the Executive Lecture Series

Does Dean College accept military benefits?

We’re a top value for veterans and active-duty military and proudly certify GI benefits.
Because our price per credit is so reasonable, GI benefits cover most of the cost—making a degree from Dean’s SCS virtually free (or close to it).

Can individuals with full-time jobs attend Dean?

SCS offers year round in a variety of formats, including Fall & Spring accelerated courses as well as hybrid online courses. We also offer 2-week accelerated Winter intersession courses, and 2-week, 6-week and online Summer courses.

Can I complete my degree/program completely online?

Yes! Enroll in our Bachelor's Degree in Business program and complete your degree at your pace, at your convenience with online classes.